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I’m 51 work full time and sleep away the overwhelming amount of my weekend every weekend. If i don’t sleep this much during the weekend i don’t feel refreshed and ready for work on Mondays. I never leave my house from 5:30 on Friday until I go to work on Monday. This is probably not very healthy but it works for me. If my adult son insists on us doing something together, I go and I do enjoy myself but most of the time I stay home. I have 2 college degrees and am a professional medical coder and have a good job. I also have Aspergers
disorder and I need the weekend to literally escape from the world so I can deal with life during the week. When my son was younger I stayed busy with keeping him busy and I tried to make his life as fun as possible. Now that he is 30 and does not need constant attention from me. I do what I want and I don’t apologize for it. I have an ongoing list of things I need to do in a notebook and I just keep adding to it. I make myself do 3 things every day like replace a light bulb or something. Even though I sleep a lot I at least get 3 things done everyday so I feel like I did accomplish something even if it was a small task. Then I sleep when I want and I no longer feel bad for doing it. Sometimes I feel more energetic and do more than 3 things and I feel productive.