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My son also has both ADD and SPD and had to have braces as a teen. Im writing so you can hear a great experience in addition to people’s difficulties. BOTH my son and I were surprised that the braces didn’t bother him anywhere near as much as we expected. He refused for most of the time his braces were on to smile without his keeping his lips closed, but thankfully, he didn’t suffer that much from the physical feeling of the braces. I know when I was a child I suffered much much more from the wires and brackets scraping on the inside of my lips. He did have pain after the visits where they would tighten the wires and knowing how he would feel I encouraged use of Tylenol for a day or two. My son almost always refuses to take any medication or vitamin and true to course would refuse the painkiller (I very rarely encourage it as I think its best without anyway) but after several hours or certainly by the time he’d been in bed for awhile and unable to sleep he’d return and say he “guesses” its hurting more than he thought and he does need a Tylenol. Even the retainer didn’t bother him that much. When I was a child it was sheer torture for me and to this day I have an occasional nightmare about it and remember how much the retainer hurt me!
Im sure you do, but discuss your son’s issues with his dentist / orthodontist. They’ve made strides in orthodontics that are more comfortable and their are more choices these days. Plus orthodontists who specialize in children are usually very good with them. My son enjoyed the tokens all the patients would receive at their visits which could be saved up to “pay” for prizes. He also very much enjoyed the coupon for a free ice cream that he was given on the day he got his braces. Be sure to get a lot of extra wax. One thing we found out, when he had to have some teeth pulled due to overcrowding before the braces were put on, he reacted badly to the nitrous gas – clenched fists, very angry and even punched me (absolutely not normal for him and undoubtedly the nitrous; btw I wasn’t hurt and he still remembers, years later, how much he hates nitrous). I think it was helpful that he’d seen a friend or two go through braces before him and right before he got his braces, a friend with braces came over and talked to him about it. They laughed and talked for a long time. That seemed to relieve a lot of stress. Maybe you can get an orthodontist recommendation from a child who lives in your area with similar needs? Best wishes.