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Penny Williams

First, you don’t forget to feed the baby, because that’s urgent. Getting eggs at the store is not. The ADHD brain is motivated by two things: interest and urgency, NOT importance like a neurotypical brain.

Secrets of Your ADHD Brain

Second, pills don’t teach skills. Your ADHD treatment plan should include more than medication so you can learn strategies and lagging skills to work around the hurdles of ADHD symptoms. You could work with a therapist or an ADHD coach (or both) to do this. Medication slows you down and helps you focus, then you’re ready to implement strategies to make tasks, relationships, work, etc go better.

Adult ADHD Treatment Options – An Overview

It’s really tough when your family doesn’t believe that you’re struggling or that it’s your fault. Hopefully, educating your husband on ADHD, a little at a time, will help. The book, “The ADHD Effect on Marriage,” by Melissa Orlov is great too.

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