Reply To: Hurting other children


Celia: As s mother of an ADHD child, I feel your pain. I’m so sorry you, and your son, are having challenges. I too have a very similar situation to yours. But my child is six years old and I have two adopted six-year-olds boys. Not biologically related. My son is also aggressive but toward his brother and no one else. I have done tremendous amounts of research since his diagnosis. In addition to food sensitivities, which I noticed someone else mentioned, we’ve had a lot of success with amino acids for both behavior and sleep issues. was the resource we used. My son is sensitive to all nightshades – tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, eggplant – corn, soy, dairy, gluten (The last two are the most common.) We tested, the old-fashioned way, by illuminating the food for 10 days and then seeing how he reacted after ingesting it. In addition, he is very reactive to corn syrup, dyes and sugar. Even just the smallest amount can make him aggressive. The bad news is, it can take minutes to hours to days–to both have a reaction and get it out of his system. We’ve had to install locks on the cabinets in order to keep him from eating things he shouldn’t. But for the most part, we just don’t buy them.

I’m happy to share more and be a sounding board for you. It would be nice to talk to someone who understands from real life experience, for me too.