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Sorry about the blank screen my I pad is acting up. I hope some of what i did to get through this blessing will help. I was successful career wise and a flop at relationships….so use these with discretion

Being physically and mentally challenged was a definite help. At your age I took on a second job ( taxi Driver) that kept me going 16 hours a day. My main job involved administration and accounting and computer functions for
An Insurance Company Head office which challenged me mentally and the second involved meeting, greeting, locating addresses in a large city before garmin and Gps and of course driving. Weekends, some sports,football and hockey, swimming often and a lot of home maintenance landscaping, snow shovelling, and yard maintenance. Mine not my parents…the
Second job funded that. I have always enjoyed coffee and chocolate and even in those days I sang in a chorus once or twice a week….great source of natural dopamine. The rest of my diet was basic meat, potatoes, fruits, veggies and cereal Soft drinks and the only way besides coffee that i ingested milk was in the cereal.. I did smoke at this time but was almost always quiting,3 months, 5 years, 10 years, and then succesfully at age 39
Before this i had spent 4 years in the Army (airborne) which gave me many of the tools necessary to avoid most of the blowups, and other characteristcs of the condition. Again being outside in nature was definitely a plus. My holiudays were always spent renting a lake cottage somewhere and the feeling of calmness afterwrds was euphoric.