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Here’s my advice (a bit different from the other’s, but facts)

– Stop feeling like a loser and get over your fears. Stop blaming others for your failures (even in your mind), be a man and tell your wife everything and promise her you will fight to get her out of this until you die. Tell her you love her and you will put your heart and soul into getting out of this. When she sees courage in your eyes, she will get some strength too.
– Leave your house everyday. Do not sit in your space and look for jobs on your laptop. Go out, meet people, do some work (even if its in a restaurant). Get some ‘action’ going. Get into a co-working space, go to a coffee shop and sit on your laptop look for jobs THERE, not in your house.
– Start a business of your own. It could be an online business, a web store or better yet, join a start-up business and tell them you’re a multi-tasker and you will do everything for them – from being the manager to sales to office work to hiring staff and accounts. Focus on your strengths and not weaknesses (like being easily distracted etc). Get a partner to start a business, many people with jobs might want to do a side-business and you can be the working partner and they can invest the capital. You just need to prove that you’re a winner and your product/service will sell..
– Even if you go for job interviews, you can always say you took a break because you wanted to start your own thing and you have an entrepreneurial spirit (which you actually do since you have ADHD!). Have some proof of your business, keep it going even after you find a job because you might lose the job again but your business will stay forever.
– Detach yourself from money and pursue your higher objectives in life. Think about what matters to you the most and try to pursue a career in that field. Money is always a bi-product and result of your actions, not an act in itself.