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This makes me want to cry. I feel fortunate that things aren’t normally this bad for me, but I sure do get it. I only recently found ADDitude, and had no idea so many people felt exhausted. When I was younger, I would go from feeling like I had a lot of energy to dragging myself around. I had big highs and the lows weren’t all that bad, but definitely noticeable. Now I’m more often tired. Adderall seems to work sometimes better than others. Along with that, I wish I could find a mild antidepressant that would just help me get through. Years ago I took something called Serafem that a doctor recommended to me for PMS. For once I wasn’t depressed and worrying, but it made me very sleepy when I was sitting still. It turned out to be Prozac, but it helped. Then my insurance wouldn’t pay for it unless I got generic, and that did nothing! I really don’t know what to do, and I can’t even get in to see a therapist for at least 3 months. Even then, it’s not always a good match. I’m so sorry you are having a bad time.