Reply To: ADHD and Tiredness


I got this link in my email from ADDitude. I can’t tell you how much I relate and how hard it is. I’m 65 and it really makes me feel old, unhappy, and depressed. I seem to go through periods where I actually feel pretty good, but it never lasts. I tell myself that I’ll just enjoy it when I’m feeling upbeat and understand that when I’m tired and can’t do anything that it won’t last.

I have a friend who is younger than me, but not in great shape. Still, she gets so much done and never seems to be tired (although she has RLS and her medication can make her tired). Recently she told me she was depressed and that it NEVER happens to her. I’m depressed on a regular basis and it’s so debilitating. I’m never sure if I’m depressed because I’m tired or I’m tired because I’m depressed!

What makes me more aware of it is I have a wonderful life! I have the best husband ever. I have good friends. I live in the country with horses and dogs. I’m an artist and I’m good at it. I have loads of interests. But I will have periods where I’m struggling. To be honest, I just came out of a depression today. I had a great day, and I’ve been so happy. But I know it won’t last and that is so frustrating. For the past week I struggled to keep going, and all I thought about was how tired I was.

I have no good answers, and I’m sorry about that. But I’m so glad you posted because it actually helps to know I’m not alone.