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I also have a problem with fatigue, but mine is different. I’m older and retired, you might say. Usually my weekends are pretty active since my husband still works. I can feel really tired at the beginning of the week, and even depressed. I feel like I’m on a roller coaster, too. Lately I’ve been depressed and lethargic (or the other way around?), but today I had this sudden burst of energy, and I’ve been going strong all day. I’ve been upbeat and active, and really feeling good. But, unfortunately, I know it won’t last and I also don’t know when I’ll start losing my energy again.

I had started taking generic Adderall, and after not taking it for awhile, and after being depressed for a couple of weeks I decided to try it again. That seemed to help. But this past week it has hardly made any difference at all. The frustration is I’m all over the place, and that alone is exhausting. Not only that, I have friends who get so much done all the time. For me, it’s about waiting until I have enough energy and ambition. There are so many days when I’m really dragging myself around, feeling like I could easily lie down and spend hours in bed.

Sorry if I’m not being helpful. But I’m beginning to think this is part of having ADHD/ADD that doesn’t get as much attention.