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I feel that it is clear that ADHD and social anxiety are related. Even if not clinically related, all the social fallout from having ADHD would make almost anyone want to avoid contact at times. I liked what the person above said about being an ambivert. I think that describes me perfectly. I need social contact regularly but I really need to get away, especially after social engagements and recharge. It’s almost like I need to protect myself for a while. And when I am in social situations, I often feel that I did not connect enough or appropriately.
I also feel that my ADHD is either getting worse or getting harder to cope with as I get older. The shame I feel for not being further along in my career grows with time. I feel less social than before. I am creating a project that could become something big on the web, but with each step I feel like I will drop the ball just like every other time. And since this project requires a lot of solitary work, it increases my isolation which, in turn, makes me more anxious about engaging. The part that really stinks about that is that I am currently looking for work and feel that my conversation and eye-contact are both really bad right now.