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Caffeine puts me to sleep… Typical ADD. Sugar’s my drug of choice to wake up, which actually brings up 2 points foe me. I used to get so exhausted at work that I passed out a couple of times. To combat it, I used Energy Gu. 1 packet and it was like standing on a foggy coastline and seeing the fog lift away. Most energy things are caffeine based and therefore sedative for most ADD people. Energy Gu is sugar and b vitamins, so it works. Be careful of the flavor. Most are disgusting. Chocolate and chocolate mint are amazing. Vanilla is palatable.

2nd thing: I stopped needing Energy Gu at work when I started supplementing DHEA. If you’re deficient, it takes about 2 weeks to start to see a change. Day 13 was a life-changer for me. There’s no benefit if you’re not deficient, and if you’re not deficient, there can be side effects, manifesting as the “opposite” hormone — estrogen in guys and testosterone in women. My sister tried it and noticed increased facial hair. I should say, “hairs”. She didn’t grow a beard or anything. She also didn’t notice a huge energy change. So, clearly she was not deficient, so she stopped taking it. I’ve been taking it for years now. The only side effect I have is that my hair is a little more curly (indicating slightly elevated testosterone), but if I drop it only for a week or so, I’m back to the overwhelming exhaustion. Might be worth a try. Worst case, you find out you’re not deficient and just stop taking it. I would ask your doc, though, if you have health issues that might be affected by hormone levels (such as pregnancy or cancer of the breast, uterus or ovaries). I’m not a medical professional. I’m a computer geek who rescues rattlesnakes on the side. Neither qualifies me to give medical advice!