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Hi Joy

Your are not alone. I just found this thread and Im surprised how little views and replies you have.
I have a 3.5 year old and Im sox months pregnant. Im undergoing diagnosis and did the computer screen test and she seemed to think I have it as I have scored high inattention, impulsivity.

I have the mundane, the routine and the boredom of regular life. I have tried anti depressants, as Im also very lethargic when faced with daily chores. I come from a busy life, I used to 100 miles an hour, martial arts, successful graphic designer with an constant urge to learn more and acheive more. I loved being so busy and feeling so important.
I cant return to this carear, as I cant afford the childcare and dont want the guilt. I have very little friends, no one who understands at all. I still think im in some ways addicted to adrenaline, I loved all the silly, fun but very expensive experiences I have crammed in prior to children, everything from surfing to snowboardsing, to skydiving, if its fast I will love it.

I still run a very small business doing kids parties, I love this but at six months pregnant, I know I have to wind down, and im dreading the last 2 months where I cant do it…>Will lose a massive sense of who I am..

I try to be out and do things all the time with my three year old, but my emotions are ridiculous.