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Dear rammaghenthar,

1. Perhaps you could teach your son how to use the Cornell Note Taking method and
have him walk around the house with his study notes in hand. I used that approach
to get 90+% in university.

2. Perhaps you could use the premac principle to complete his homework.

“Grandma’s Law” – The Premack Principle

Complete one question followed by 5 minutes of something fun.
Repeat this process until all the homework is done.

3. I continue to use that principle today especially when I have reports to complete for my work.
Example: Complete a paragraph for the report then read a page from an action novel. Maybe in your
son’s case complete a question and then play five minutes of his favourite computer game.
You will need to be patient with him until he develops the self-discipline to handle this
approach, but from personal experience I can tell you it works even without medication.
I used this principle before I was diagnosed two decades later in life.

4. You could also consider getting Dragon Systems to type while he talks and walks.
My family doctor uses the “medical” version of this system and he is likely one of the
most amazing doctors I have ever met because he has his regular practice, is an associate
professor, makes house calls, he has a paperless filing system, and on his website his patients
can book their own appointments online with him.