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I agree with some of the other comments. It really depends on why he needs braces. Are his teeth super crooked where getting them clean because of overlapping could be and issue? Or is just for a perfectly straight smile, which might not be worth it? My son (9 ys old) may need braces, he has SPD and can barely tolerate going to the dentist for cleaning. For cavities he needs nitrous oxide (laughing gas). His dentist told me to get an orthodontist consult a little over a year ago. His mouth is small and the dentist was worried his teeth wouldn’t come in properly. My daughter just got her braces off, she needed two expanders, and then braces. So I was so worried my son would need an expander which would be torture for him (and for me as I would be the one tightening it everyday). I found a really good orthodontist. I explained his anxiety. I explained he can barely tolerate a cleaning at the dentist, etc. The office person was so nice. The orthodontist is so nice and understanding. Usually orthodontists have all the exam chairs in one room. He has that but has one room off to the side for patients that are anxious. He is still only going for consultations, we are on our 3rd or 4th one. He’s just checking on how everything comes in and waiting. Since he knows and understands my son’s issues, his attitude is to not use an aggressive treatment.
So, call around for a consultation, they are free. Visit more than one orthodontist. They all have different philosophies and how to treat, some are more aggressive than others.
I would say, as this is my plan for my son too, wait. Because like the other post says. Teeth shift even during and after the treatment. My daughter needed an expander twice because after the first time, we were waiting for one baby tooth to come out and her pallet moved back so she needed the expander again. She had braces on for about 18 months, and is now in a retainer-“nighttime for lifetime” is what they say. If she goes one night without her retainer it is tight the next night. That is how quickly her teeth shift. Now, she needed braces. She sucked her finger and her teeth were horribly crooked. For my son, his are coming in a little bit crooked. He never sucked his thumb/finger/pacifier. So I am hoping it will be up to us if we go with braces. I think for him it will be purely cosmetic, and honestly not worth the pain-literally. And for the retainer, it’s hard to say how compliant a child will be. I never thought my daughter would use it but she likes it after having braces in her mouth for so long. Now, I don’s see my son wearing the retainer (but you never know), and if you don’t wear the retainer your teeth will move. If your teeth move enough then all that time and money for braces was a waste.
I had braces as a kid too. And while the process is better than it was way back then, I can tell you it hurts. It hurt back then and it hurts now. And you go every 6 weeks to get them “tightened” It hurts.
Another thing to consider is waiting until he is a little older and getting Invisalign or a similar product.
The key if you choose to get braces, is finding a really good, understanding orthodontist. And convenient since you will go often.