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Braces and ADHD, SPD…. my son struggled at first. He wouldn’t let them take his photo with the flash at the Orthodontist. He took the braces off when we had storms. He was the Houdini of Braces- quite skilled. We worked with him to replace the braces with fidget cubes and a relaxation taped called “I Can Relax” from the Child Anxiety Network. You can also get it through iTunes…it’s good to help adults relax too. We used a calendar and every day that he kept the braces on then we gave him a sticker. If we had to go outside of his regular appointment time to fix braces he took out then I didn’t stop and get him a smoothie after the appointment. We took electronics from him when he pulled braces off until his fix it appointment. It took about 4 months and now he doesn’t take them off. Also if he pulled them off then we changed the color to silver and told him if he kept them on he could pick a color at his next appointment. We did all of this calmly. The office has been great about it. They just fix it and give him little attention about it if he pulls them out. When he keeps them on we all make a big deal about it and congratulate him. We had to try several things and not sure which one worked the best but worth trying whatever can help them to have awareness about keeping them on. We have a Water Pik that helps to clean out his braces too. His smile is getting so much better and worth all of the struggle. He also can look back and know that he conquered wearing braces. Tylenol is good for the first three days but our son feels little pain and when we offered it he would say no that he didn’t need it. I know Tylenol helped other kids in my family for the first three days. It is worth doing – it reminded me a little of potty training- we didn’t get there overnight but eventually it’s all OK.