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Uncle Dharma

My ADD means that I don’t always interview very well.
A few years ago, I started to work as a scribe – the person who takes notes and writes up the report.
Now I know what a good interviewee is, but still find it difficult sometimes. Prepare well and in advance.
Because I now know how to run an interview, I start critiquing a bad interviewer in my mind. Don’t do this. Change your focus to the questions and the topics.

Prepare by anticipating as many questions as you can. You cannot anticipate Every Possible question, so prepare background material on every topic.
You should have a good reply prepared for the “why are you good for this job” type of question.
Prepare a short summary of relevant experience. It must be short but still cover the main relevant points.
Have your examples and stories thought out. Writing them down is a good way to make sure they make sense, and can make it easier to remember them.
DO NOT talk about any failures. These can be presented – if relevant – as times that you learned to cope with the problem.
“The team had some problems with … and we solved them by ….”
better : “The team saw an opportunity to improve …. and we did it by …”
Be prepared to discuss any examples, and be honest about what went wrong and how you managed to solve those issues. Your ability to solve a problem is rated very highly – higher than ‘just doing the same old thing’.
Take examples of your work if you can, and keep them relevant. Take the URLs of web sites that you have written. This should have been in your application.

It is quite acceptable to take notes into an interview. Do not sit and read a page of waffle. Just a list of topics should be enough to prompt you.

DO NOT talk about some awful job or an awful manager in the past.

Prepare a few replies to “Do you have any questions?” As this is usually at the end of the interview, you need to write a note to remind yourself.
If you really have a more complete answer to a question that you didn’t answer very well, you can give a better answer now. “I just remembered about when I ….”
This is an opportunity to ask about something that you are an expert in, and tell them of your skills as if they asked one more question. “Wow, and what about that web site expert. Does anyone else have those skills?” and now you have added a criteria that may put you above other people.
DO NOT ASK ABOUT THE PAY, unless they ask you. This can be negotiated when they offer you the job.
Ask about the future. “Is there a chance to work in …..” and mention an area of work that interests you.

Relax by getting an interview at a time that suits you. I prefer about 10 or 11 in the morning, as this avoids the morning rush. It gives you time to relax, to dress in nice comfortable clothes (that are appropriate of course), to imagine yourself arriving (as if you are walking up the red carpet), to imagine presenting yourself to them.
Relax so that you can remember things easily. If you get stressed it is harder to remember, and this is why you take notes into the interview.
Do not cram just before the interview. Do that the day before. You may want to read over your notes.

Arrive relaxed and be your beautiful self.

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