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Hi, here are some tips. I’m a career counselor, have ADD, and also am not a very good interviewer 🙂

Practice, practice, practice. Google a list of frequently asked questions and develop good answers, using only 4 or 5 sentences to answer the question. We are prone to ramble, so by preparing answers ahead of time and organizing our thoughts you’ll be less likely to do so.

Pause before you launch into answering a question, put your thoughts together first.

ALWAYS be prepared for the “tell me about yourself”, which often is one of the first questions asked. It’s easy to ramble on this question, so develop an “elevator speech” type of answer, a summary of your qualifications for the position, that you can express in just a few sentences.

Develop 5 or six stories about yourself that are examples of your “soft skills”. Again, keep the stories short and organized. These stories can be used reply to those difficult questions, such as “tell me about how you solved a problem” “give me an example of how you are a team player”. Practice, practice, practice.

This may not work for everyone, but it helps me if I write down those stories and answers. The process of writing them down helps to plant them in my brain.

Practice by yourself, practice with another person, use a career counselor from your college or hire a career coach to do a “mock interview” and get feedback. The more you practice, the less anxiety you will feel before and during the interview.

It’s OK to ask an interviewer to repeat a question, once, maybe twice….but no more!

If you start off answering a question and get off track, say “sorry, I’m rambling a bit, may I start over again?”