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Nothing worse at times than to hear about an opportunity to meet somebody I respect only to come up with a zillion excuses as to why I should back out since I’ve stopped driving due to ADHD a decade ago and do not get out and around like I used to during my days as a reporter. For some reason I’ve bought into even a partial acceptance of the notion that if you look like you can work and you’re in otherwise good physical condition, you’re not working because of laziness or something even deeper and I can’t help wondering if people are suspecting this about me even after a decade of being on SSDI for ADHD and Bipolar Depression among other comorbid conditions. So lately, I have taken to more or less becoming a hermit and hoping to sell my woodcrafts over the internet. My other self-imposed disabling condition is the fact I have to use dentures which can be a royal pain, too. I’ll never forget the embarrassing moments when they wouldn’t stay in position when I first obtained them, thus further increasing my desire for “staying put.” If anybody reading this has a loved one in pretty much the same boat, I’d love to hear from you and gain some insight. I wouldn’t wish this habit on anybody, especially since I used to be much more socially active. One thing that ADHDers have a tendency to do when they’re feeling excitement and enjoyment from meeting new friends, old pals, etc.. is that they sometimes don’t know when to keep their mouths shut and not give out too much info which after some reflection later on, will send them into additional moments of depression. I hate this cycle, and hell, I’m 65, college-educated and trained in several fields all of which require some degree of college-level training. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.