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My understanding on the fidget spinners is that they have not been shown to be effective, and I can certainly see how they can be disruptive. I’m in love with the fidgets which are designed to be discreet. My “Rizzle” fidget from Fidgetland was custom made for me because I really wanted the Rizzle, but because it’s their largest one, I thought it might be too big for my small hands. When I contacted them to ask if they thought it would be too big, they emailed me back in ten minutes saying, “How about we make you a rizzle, but with smaller rings?” I LOVE those guys! No one notices the Rizzle when I’m fidgeting with it, and the slow deliberate inside-out flip motion allows me to focus on lectures and meetings where I’d otherwise get distracted. If I had a fidget spinner, I’d definitely be distracted by it! A little too fun and active to facilitate focus on my work! Maybe your son would like one of the Fidget Land devices?