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Dr. Eric

So, I agree with previous post that state that Fidget Spinners are toys and fail as actual fidgets!

As someone who recommends fidget regularly, I have never found a case where I supported a fidget spinner.
It almost always fails 2 of my 3 criteria of a good fidget.

1. It increases attention of the user. Therefore, it cannot be distracting to the user. One they start using it, they almost forget they are doing it. (Focusing on the tricks that they can do = Fail!)

2. It is not distracting to classmates. (That sound most of them make = Fail! Classmates checking out the tricks = Fail!)

3. They are cheap to replace and not damaging to lose. Minimal damage if stolen or used inappropriately.

So what works, I have seen most of the items mentioned in the previous posts work great for some kids.
At the end of the day, it is individualized and mostly trial and error.

Putty, Playdough, therabands, pencil toppers, a doodle sketchbook, and “Tangles” are usually where I recommend starting…

I have not had much experience with the fidget cube, as they have not gotten as popular as the spinners.
My first questions is, “Do they make noise?”