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My advice is like the others. Try to find a gaming club or some club that he is interested in. There’s nothing like a shared interest to help build friendships, just like with adults. Both my kids are similar to your son. My daughter doesn’t like groups or to go someplace she doesn’t know anyone unless it’s something that really interests her. Our library had a teen book club that I talked her into going (sometimes you just have to insist to try something) and she loved it. They also have had Harry Potter clubs. For my son the library has a Pokémon club and a Lego club and when he is older they have a gaming club. I’m also going to have him try a bowling league this fall. He likes to bowl. He doesn’t really like team sports but I thought a bowling league might be good. A little bit of activity, out of the house and with other kids his age. And like the other posts say, he is probably an introvert and will have only a few good friends. Which is fine. And I’d like to say that I think it’s great that all of you have said that your son/daughter can tell you why they don’t like social situations. I was surprised to read that they say they don’t want to say something inappropriate, etc. That’s the first step. My husband has ADHD, diagnosed when he was in his 40’s. He has social skills. He always says inappropriate things, and then when the other person gets offended blames the other person for not being able to take a joke instead of apologizing. My husband sees nothing wrong with his behavior. I think it’s great these young people can see where they need help and encouragement. That really is a huge start. Good luck.