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Uncle Dharma

This sounds a lot like me when I was a teen.
I just was not interested in doing what other kids were doing.
I am not competitive, and have no interest in being pseudo-competitive and maintaining the status quo. By that I mean “Let’s race the far side of the oval and back” … and confirm that Andie is still the fastest runner in the class. Pfft
Hanging out with other kids restricted me in so many ways. For example: designing and building model airplanes, which is hardly a team sport, and the other kids were hopeless at it and had no motivation … LOL

My motivations in life are so different to many people. To most people actually.
One friend from high school and I would design and make model planes. He is now a designing engineer and for fun he builds his own full-sized planes to get in and pilot.
The other school friend I keep in touch with was mad about computers in the early days and went on to design computers with a big company.
As for me, I worked as a geologist. When away from town there were few restrictions and we all just got on with the job. I now do some guest lecturing at a high school.
After that I did computing at uni and have been working in that for years now. Decades actually.

Currently, I am finding it difficult to get motivated to finish a project. I start many then … something else interrupts me.

My best jobs were ones where I was asked to do a task, then LEFT TO DO IT. Luckily, I have managed to find this style of work over the years.
I love working in a big team where I do my set of tasks that support the project.
Having to conform to some team culture that is not related to the aim of the project, and is more like “Let’s race to race to the far side of the oval and back”, never interested me and still doesn’t.
As a person with ADD, I find it very difficult to conform to a culture that makes no sense.

It is 6:30 pm here and now I am motivated to shower, get dressed, and start my day.
Bye for now.