Reply To: Hurting other children


At his age, talking about it in advance probably isn’t going to be super effective, because he lives in the moment. What you talked about an hour ago isn’t really relevant by the time he’s acting out.

One thing to look at is what triggers the behavior. Is he overstimulated by bigger groups? Avoid big group activities and instead have outings with one or two friends. Is he okay for the first ten minutes and then gets out of control? If so, maybe pull him out of the activity for calm-down breaks.

Also, keep an eye out for precursors and interrupt the cycle at that point. Don’t wait for him to be so out of control that you can’t handle him, because at that point, he’s probably also too wound up to process why he’s in trouble anyway.

You might want to do a little reading up on feed forward learning theory, which I think might be helpful.

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