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Thanks everyone for the feedback and advice.
My son has been in two physical fights this week and his mood has been down in general so we’ve called it quits on Concerta — had gone up to 36 mg. He’s always been a passionate kid and has a really tough time just going with the flow so if things don’t go his way or the way he expects things go south quickly. I’m hoping there might be a medication that works better for him because I still think he might benefit from medication to manage his ADHD symptoms. His focus was definitely enhanced and in a way he seemed more subdued and under control but he just didn’t seem right. He seemed down and somewhat dark and definitely combative on the Concerta. So, the benefits did not outweigh the costs….

I was given the name of a pediatrician that specializes in ADHD and is supposedly great at getting the right medication for kids with ADHD so I’ve reached out to her and hope to hear back. Will report back if that yields new insights.