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It doesn’t matter what happened in the pass. The most important is what will you do about it in the future.
I know it is very difficult and sometimes it looks like there is no solution. But never forget, there is light at the end of the tunnel.
Never forget what an amazing person you are, you made a family, created life. The most beautiful thing in the world.
You build a house to protect your family from the cold and rain outside. You got a job. You got,… .
What you created before, it is painful when it is taken away. very very painful and it creates sad and depressing feelings.
But what you created in the pass, you can create again! Your an amazing person with an amazing potential, but it can be hard.
Reduce all the expenses you can like stop buying snacks for yourself, just drink tap water and stop eating out.

Get your AD/HD treated so it will stop limiting you.
Go outside for walks/runs and think about your new potential what you have with your ADHD treated. Walking is a good exercise that isn’t too intense.
Read books about anything that interests you. At the library it is for free so it doesn’t trouble your expenses.
Take a small piece of paper and write the things you done well in life. The moments people praised your work and help, the things you done well for your family, … .
If your religious pray, I am not religious so I prefer to watch nature. Plant a seed in the soil and see how this small little seed becomes a big plant or tree.
Did you know, most seeds stay 30-40-50+ years in the soil before it finds the best moment to grow?
You are like these seeds. We waited long before the moment of our diagnosis and treatment. But now its time to slowly grow out of your seed and grow to your potential.
There are many different jobs out there that can help you. If you failed one interview, sad but there are many others.

I can not wish you luck or prays but I think YOU make your own wishes and luck.
Do your best, your an amazing person, never forget that!

Greetings from somebody who also troubles his own family a lot.

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