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I have run into the same issue! My son starts to to count down the days until his birthday about 2 months out…even though we try not to indulge him in it because of not wanting him to be disappointed by the outcome. This year, I initiated with another student’s mom in the class whose son had the same birthday. Both boys were turning 8 and we invited all the boys in their class as well as neighbors, friends and family. We had a successful turnout but I could tell as we got closer to the birthday celebration date, he was starting to get nervous that people weren’t going to come because he started asking to invite random kids he would play with at the pool for the day. I think the fear of not having kids show up for his party really worried him. I do blame some of the parents as well! As we focus so much as a nation on spreading the anti-bullying campaign, don’t parents realize exclusion/ostracizing is a form or bullying! Every child needs to have friends and feel loved! Usually, they act out when they feel insecure or unloved which just perpetuates the problem! Hopefully, with the release of the movie Wonder this summer more kids and families will work together towards Acceptance, Compassion and Empathy, not just for those with obvious physical challenges but also with those that have challenges in social, behavioral, and psychological development!