Reply To: Seeking help and advice


Ardrake, ever think you might be selling yourself (at least!) a little more than a bit short on your talents and what you can do with them to help yourself by using them to inspire others? Photography is not a hobby for half-baked slouchers. Or at least people who think they can get ahead in it by taking the easy way. It takes considerable talent, patience and a knowledge of more than just basic “finger-counting” math most of use to balance our checkbooks.
And, as a fellow writer, I noticed this rather harsh selfie of sorts that stood out like a flashing red stop light in the middle of a one light town way off on some gawdforsaken windswept prairie “town” smack dab in “Flyoverianna.”
“One of my passions and creative outlets is photography. While I may love these things, however, my issues with learning make pursuing them difficult and frustrating.” Learning what? It’s obvious you can think on your feet and write a cohesive sentence. Some of us ADHDers (“in spades,” as one Doc officially diagnosed me as having) are great for leaving lots of dangling participles hanging off of one trunk of a sentence or another. Judge Roy Bean never came close to hanging as many guys named Dangled Participle as I have, yet I managed to graduate from h.s. and college a half semester ahead of the more organized kids all voted “most likely to succeed.” I didn’t put this in to brag, but to share hope, do we need a lot of that stuff daily, or hourly.
If you can take photos after mastering all the various lighting and spatial measurements required to pull off a nice photo lots of people besides your mom, (surprised dad, even more surprised inlaws and kids) will be proud of enough to urge you to even think about making a few bucks on the side, GO FOR IT. Heck, the guy who lived next door to my parents, wasn’t primarily a professional photographer. He was the director of my state university’s symphony. He took the photos for our wedding 34 years ago this July 2nd, and he did an excellent job.
Never sell your talents short when you can always make good use of your time by improving them to become yet another “shingle” to affix your name and dreams to. Even if you never get the publicity and profits you feel you’ll deserve (especially in woodcrafting and writing) you’ll never know who you have inspired just by sticking in there with your determination to ignore the cheapskates who oooh n’ awww, but grunt when it comes time to reach for their wallets, or the excuse-makers who won’t return your calls, you know deep inside what your efforts are really worth and most importantly, what you are worth to the Man who created us all and your family. I usually don’t get preachy, but a grateful sense of humility that’s pointed upwards never hurts. He listens. In a world that doesn’t understand, much less appreciate what ADHD is, how it affects its “owners” and the people they love and work with, it’s always great to know He’s up there to call on for help. Oh, and one other thing, just like your talents that you’ve developed and I hope you’ll enjoy using for the remainder of your life, you and I [own] our condition and shouldn’t hesitate to make the best of its best attributes.