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Way back when I began organizing my own parties in college I made sure they followed a certain set of rules. First, I was not gonna to plan it for a date and time the people I wanted to attend couldn’t come. Next, I do not invite sets of people that will not get along with eachother. For example I would not invite my great aunt to the same party as my husband’s friends with no filter. Now that I have a child I have added one more, we will not invite a child who’s parents I do not know, and subsequently will not attend the party of a child who’s parents I don’t know.That is for safety reasons, and I want to be comfortable communicating with the parent and being at the party.
If your goal is to just have a bunch of kids show up, then have the party somewhere the kids want to go to anyway. Like a waterpark or lasertag. However, just because they show up does not mean they will play with your child, and he will be equally heartbroken.
10 to 12 percent of a children at a school have educational plans for adhd. So there is no way your child is the only one in the the class with it. People know what it is. I do suggest you volunteer as much time as you can in your child’s class so you can see what is really going on in there and get to know the other kids.
Everyone in my family has adhd. My husband has severe adhd and he was always the most popular kid in school. He is still super popular and I hate him for it. Don’t blame the adhd, don’t blame the other kids. Spend your time figuring out what the real problem is.