Reply To: ADHD + Masking Anxiety


I take sertraline -generic for Zoloft and adderall and use cbt and breathing techniques The BEST anxiety management technique from relaxation stand point is the 5x5x5 breath. Innhale through nose for 5 seconds, hold the breath for 5 and exhale through nose for 5 , pause and then repeat. Diaphragmatic breathing first then 5x5x5. If you want more specific books on any of these topics -cbt, anxiety etc let me know. I wrk in psychiatry and obviously use these on myself. Last but not least -learn about the skill of self compassion. This my add friends -is the KEY to self acceptance -absolute life changer!!!!!!! Self esteem book by Mathew McKay -chapter called compassion among many others are the anecdote to the inner critic’s attacks that make us nervous to make mistakes and feel self conscious in social settings. Good luck -and good for you for looking for answers -they exist I promise !!!!