Reply To: ADHD and Exercise


My kids are 12 and 15 and do not like repetitive exercises, but they enjoy active group sports that have a goal, like fencing, basketball, baseball, etc. (even if they are not good at them). The extremely difficult thing for my kids, though, is that most group sports are competitive, and ADHD people already have low self-esteem and often don’t deal with frustration and strong emotion very well. Losing can feel awful in a social setting.

If I were in your position, I’d develop a sports program based on a very active sport (like basketball, where all players are usually “doing something”) — and not keep score. Kids will still feel good scoring, and they will all know who the higher scorers are, but there won’t be the crushing win/lose aspect or the “you disappointed the whole team” possibility. Take a sport that’s active and make it just for fun, not competitive.

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