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My 9YO son also takes Concerta, started at 18mg, then bumped up to 27mg around Thanksgiving last year. Oppositional Defiant Disorder is one of the additional issues that we’ve had to contend with, as well as his ADHD, very common problem especially in boys I’m given to understand. Our pediatrician recommended a couple of books, Taking Charge of ADHD and Your Defiant Child both by Russell Barkley. I’ve not finished both books yet, but the theme is consistency, consistency, consistency and VERY clear limits with good follow up on your end. We’ve seen much better results by making sure that his dad and I are both being consistent with the rules, whether they be screen time or keeping his room picked up or homework time. We’ve also seen much better emotional stability by adding in an AHA/DHA (fish oil supplement). We give a daily dose of Barleans Omega Swirl in the Lemon Zest flavor-it tastes pretty good and isn’t chalky or too tart. We’ve also started seeing a counselor a couple of times a month as his struggles with ADHD have caused a self esteem problem. Thankfully he has an amazing support network at school as well, his resource teacher and her team are nothing short of amazing. Also, keep in mind that Concerta isn’t the only med out there, don’t be afraid to talk to your pediatrician about what you’re seeing and ask to make a change. You know your boy best and if something’s not right you have to advocate for him to make the change!!