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I am so sorry you and your son had this experience. My son who is 19 now had a similar iincident happen at his 10 birthday pool party. He h had No one that showed up. We had family and extended family that was there but they were all adults. It was sad for me as a parent He did 4-H for 8 years and he showed fainting goats for 2 of those 8 years. He went to a school that they other kids were not very farm oriented. They started to call him Goat Boy in third grade and bullied him about his animals. I would call him Cowboy because he always were Cowboy boots. One day another student asked me if I called him Cowboy because he liked cows too. Forgive me but I said no, he is a bull rider. Well that got some of their attention. Fast forward to now. He really is a bull rider and he loves it. It scares the hell out of me but he has a few bull riding buddies and they go to a few rodeos and he is seems happy. Not one kid he went to and graduated high school has ever called the house during or after graduation. He never fit in at his school but now that he is out, he seems to becoming into his own. That nickname I gave him sort of molded him. He has a few girls that will call and ask for Cowboy. Yes he seems to really like that nickname even at 19 soon to be 20 years old. Love you son for who he is and remind him and yourself to NEVER let anyone dull his sparkle.

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