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My life is also going from one obsession to another.
I worked as an EMT, loved it but after 4 years got bored. Then started as train driver, loved it but after 2 years got bored. After that I entered international cargo trains, loved it but after 2 years got bored of it. Now started my own eco-farm but without my wife keeping me focused, I would have also already stopped.
My mind is now rushing from obsession of farming to full-time RV to becoming firefighter to buying and renovating houses to becoming a gardener,… .
I learned many languages but after beginning levels I quit because I loose my interests.
Every time I get an obsession I want to resign my current job and apply at a new one. If my wife is not checking me I manage to waste a full day on watching youtube about that subject and read everything what I can. But after a few weeks I move to the next interests.
Today I will go again to my psychiatrist (2nd time). Hopefully with treatment I can reduce these obsessions.