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I’m SO sorry to hear about what you and your
Sweet hearted son dealt with. I don’t have kids but as a 33 year female who has had an ADHD diagnosis since age 12, I empathize so much. Not that it changes the pain of that recent scenario, but you do sound like an incredibly good mother and in my experience-it is not the friendships or teachers that are going to play the biggest role in molding your kids self worth -it is the parent. All of the times I was told I am stupid, less than, too hyper, annoying etc etc from school interactions, it was the way that my mom NEVER gave up on me, never ever let me believe I wasn’t amazing and special and talented in ways that my siblings-who are both incredibly intelligent and ended up being doctors -didn’t possess. I am a happy successful smart fulfilled individual with good self esteem and I have my mom to thank for that. Painfully undeservedly-kids and adults can be so cruel discompaasionate -usually towards those who grow up to be the coolest and most wonderful people, that light up a room. He has the best chance at a happy life because he has a mother who loves him as much as you clearly do. I’m so sorry for the pain it is SOOO undeserved and unfair, it would be a wonderful world if we could protect those we love from the cruelty that’s out there, it isn’t possible unfortunately, but what you can do, (that will mean more in the long run, than if he was spared from any negativity), is tell him how special and cool he is and let him know he is unconditionally loved-i.e. What you obviously already are doing! Things will get better and he will be that kid who lights up a room!!!!