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This is to Tracee1010:
My heart goes out to you as the mom of a toddler myself. I work in the evenings at a mental health program. I literally created an account just to comment to you. How is your situation now? The remark that you felt like you took an SAT test every day really struck me. It is admirable to work so hard to help support your family, but your little ones and teen also need you to be present for them. I can’t imagine the pressure you’re under. I just want to encourage you to take care of yourself, whatever that times to be able to enjoy being with your kids, since kids need their mom to be there. I had a very hardworking mom too. She was single and I understand why she had to do what she had to do, but I wished she could be rested and play with/talk with me- she was exhausted. Please take care of yourself even if it means you have to take a pay cut. I really really wish you the best, you are in a tough situation, and it sounds like you may be ready to make a necessary change of some kind in order to preserve your wellbeing and be there for your family as well.