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look into “rebounds” from stimulants. In myself and my oldest son – we get 4 hours from a stimulant. XR’s were no different. Most people do fine, but we didn’t. Concerta, vyvanse, rebounds caused extreme anxiety and agitation – 50x worse than taking no medicine ever. My son was prescribed Vyvanse when he was 18 – and the rebound was terrifying. Now he takes Adderall, every 4 – 5 hours, just like I did years ago. Its the most success he has had on a med. Another thing that can curb bad rebounds is a really low dose of Ativan, or even a really low dose of Ritilan to curb the rebound.

Boy though, I am going to check into that Happy Calm Focused though – I have a 16 year old that needs help too, and I could use help again – but don’t want to ever go back on the stimulant roller coaster again – it was too difficult because of rebounds and my biological make up.