Reply To: ADHD + Masking Anxiety


Thanks Afavory (Andrew)
You are correct in saying I need a sa specialist rather than my PC.
I was diagnosed by test and evaluation by a Psycologist. In my early years thru my teens I did very poor in school due to my lack of concentration and not being able to pay attention for any significant time. I kept all of this bottled up until recently. I had a rough childhood because at that time my Dad was a severe alcoholic. I thank God that he stopped drinking and became a better man. When I was not at home all I could think about was what will it be like when I get home. Many times as kids we would climb out the window and go to a neighbor’s house because my Dad would shoot through the house. I was always in constant panic. Didn’t learn much in school but there are very few things that I can’t build or repair with my hands. By God’s grace I landed a job at 19 and stayed just over 30 years and retired with a pension at age 49. I haven’t stopped working since I retired because that’s all I know. I have no social life,never go out to eat and avoid conversation with my neighbors because after a few minutes of talking to them it’s like I have no clue what were talking about.ang like my compulsion to spending I also act on impulse without thinking things thru and my decisions sometimes come back to bite me in the rear end! I am just so tired of the UPS and downs,the anxiety and depression and I feel like I can’t learn anything since The things I want to do I start out great but I get to a point and I hit a brick wall and just can’t comprehend it any further. Kind of like my brain says this is as far as as you can go and just waiting time. Sorry to bore you with all of this but like I said earlier, I’ve never talked about it for fear of being thought of as stupid. Sometimes I wonder if I will get better and often wonder why I continue to live this way. I guess I’ve made this far so I just hang on for the ride!