Reply To: ADHD + Masking Anxiety


I take anxiety meds along with zoloft and Adderall. I still wake up every morning with anxiety. My Doctor has cut my zanax to .5 because he said that soon only a Psychiatrist will be able to prescribe it. Not doing well on the .5. The adderall was great at first but now @ 30 mil per day I am back in my slump. I was out of debt but now back in because I have a compulsion about spending. I buy things and afterwards get depressed because of my debt. Ive had problems since childhood but was was not diagnosed with ADD until last year. I am now 62 but have lived in a panic state all my life. Men are not supposed to be depressed or have anxiety or have ADD but I realized something was not right and talked to my Doctor and was tested and found to have severe ADD. I cant take anymore than 30 mg of Adderadd per day because of heart problems but I JUST WANT TO HAVE SOME PEACE IN MY HEAD! So tired of worrying about every little thing, the anxiety and the million thoughts per minute going thru my head. Is there hope or relief in sight? How do I control my debt issue? HELP