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I’m sorry, but as I read this, I’ll agree with some of it. But I think a lot of it applies to children. Maybe some people forget to do their “homework,” but this is not hallmark ADHD in adults. You don’t completely forget about doing important things.

Okay, he’s pursued coaches, psychiatrists, whatever. But it sounds to me like he is taking no responsibility for his part in this. ADHD/ADD does not turn someone into a helpless zombie. It can certainly be a struggle, and getting the right help can be frustrating, but it’s not so debilitating that he is unable to help himself. This isn’t schizophrenia.

I’m sorry, but this actually gets me upset because NonADD, your husband is being a jerk!! If you can get him into couple’s counseling, let me know, because I’m betting he won’t go. That is why I keep telling you to move on or find a way to make yourself happy.

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