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I’ve been digging into the supplement world at length since I got to the point that the anti-depressant does more harm than good, and I’m phasing it out. If you cut yours, do your research and taper down very slowly (10% drop, hold for a month). Anti-depressant withdrawal (or, in doctor-speak, “discontinuation syndrome”) can be N-A-S-T-Y.

So here are my thoughts:
– Magnesium is very helpful, but I would advise not to take magnesium oxide unless you suffer from constipation. The best are the high-bioavailability forms of magnesium. Also take enough vitamin D.
– Careful with dopamine support. Unless you suffer from a motivation drop across the board (nothing is interesting), too much dopamine will simply give you more motivation to do interesting things, not uninteresting but important ones.
– Usually people with ADHD are suggested to look into support for acetylcholine, which would be particularly useful if you don’t eat enough animal products.
– For anxiety generally GABA support is recommended. But not the GABA supplement itself — in normal circumstances it shouldn’t cross the blood-brain barrier.
– Do not take 5-HTP, St. John’s Wort and the like with Zoloft. You might have figured that one already.
– Avoid or drop PPIs (proton-pump inhibitors for stomach acid reduction). They interact with SSRIs, they are prescribed like candy, and have other undesirable side effects.
– Try some vitamins with the methylated forms of B-12 and folic acid, in case you have a MTHFR mutation. For some people it makes a big difference.
– I found the best results to be coming from general body support. Maintaining the blood sugar steady (that meant a low carb diet in my case, your mileage may vary) and supporting blood circulation and oxygenation of the brain (if your extremities are cold, your brain probably doesn’t get enough blood) were really half the battle. I add to that a supplement against inflammation (the famous turmeric, although even here some combinations are better than others), which really helped my focus and “pep”, and I’m considering some liver support. If you have troubles with the digestive tract, or you have taken antibiotics in large doses, some support there might be useful.
– Whatever supplement you try, try it in the lowest possible dosage first (if it says take two capsules a day, take one) and avoid the high dosage supplements at first. Up the amount if all goes well. Sensitivity varies, and a pleasant burst of energy in a low dose can become severe agitation at a super-high dose.