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Hello MamaTan,

18mg of Concerta will likely provide your son around 8 – 10 hours of relief, and considering the timing of the screen play argument (night), he could have been coping with some withdrawal. He was probably feeling a little sick, likely tired, maybe anxious, irritable, and feeling the return of his ADHD symptoms, when you asked him to stop screen play. And if he had been playing video games, particularly, stopping them could have been especially hard – I have personal experience in this area. Here’s a little info on the topic of ADHD and video games, if you don’t already know:

It might have been bit of a “perfect storm” for him, so to speak. I could see how your husband and you’d feel overwhelmed by the sheer energy it takes, trying to help keep your son on track. You’re both probably exhausted. I hope you can find a way to get some time for yourselves, and recharge.