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Thank you so much, Peanut0214! Truthfully, I’m worried about all the same things you mentioned your son going through. My son is extremely intense with serious challenges just going with the flow. It takes so little for him to be triggered and yes since we started the 18mg. of Concerta I feel all his issues may have been aggravated. And frankly, I really haven’t seen any changes in his focus. The doctor wants us to go up to 2 pills this week — 36mg. and I must say I’m kind of worried. I don’t understand how a stimulant is supposed to make him have an easier time controlling his impulses….

What are the active ingredients in the supplements you mentioned? Also, does your son undergo any counseling or coaching for ADHD? I’m beginning to wonder if I need to get him involved in that too. My husband and I feel at our wits end with many aspects of his behavior. It’s so hard to stay positive with him when everything about this kid can feel like a major obstacle at times.

Thanks for your feedback.