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I never felt cursed just unlucky. Sh*t happens it just happened me a lot. I found out I had ADHD after I was drugged and mugged, multiple TBI’s and all that goes with them. I did a neurophysiological assessment to find out the long term issues I was going to face and they told me I ave a crazy high IQ and ADHD. I did not take it well.
Funnily they told me I had broken all records for the speed and results in the test. I should not have as the damage was done to my brain, should have left me in a bad way or killed me. Instead I am a high functioning survivor. WHy, they cannot tell me for certain but they think my unusual brain chemistry saved me. My brain was making new pathways almost immediately after my injuries. The ct scans show this. So this curse of ADHD saved me and means I can manage my issues better than most.
Oh sure the anxiety is off the wall and sleep that is for other people. I can still run multiple thoughts and multitask at the same time, not as much as I used to but more than most people.
Getting diagnosed got rid of all the guilt that had built up over 47 years. Gone. I was not evil or stupid or any of the things I was called. In fact I am so clever they can not understand me. as it was above most peoples level of understanding what I was saying. Simple to me but not to them.
Now I dumb it down for most people. Easier for me to handle the situation if I calm down and know of course they will not understand my ideas, break it down for them. It works but it can be very annoying at times. Sometimes for fun I let the ADHD side tell them what I mean and then go back and dumb it down for them. It shows them I am not stupid