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Hi MamaTan,

With any ADHD medication the effects are always different depending on the individual. My son is now 15; but like your son, he was diagnosed as having mixed ADHD at a very early age (5 years old) and I made the decision to start him on Concerta two years later. I immediately saw a difference in his grades, as he went from failing to straight A’s nearly overnight. However, the gradual change in his personality, mood swings and emotional stability became too much for him and our family. He had signs of depression, anxiety, insomnia, uncontrollable violent crying and would inflict self harm almost every night. His triggers included: Being told to get off his video game; homework; chores; asking how his day went….you name it! With concerta the medication wears off in the evening and puts the body through withdrawls, so as he increases the mg’s I assume his side affects will worsen. 54mg’s is when we called it quits.

Keep a close eye on your little man. I would hate for him to go through what my son did. Look into Focus Factor for children/adults and HCF (Happy Calm Focused). They are supplements that can be purchased through My son has been taking them for the past 2 weeks and they are incredible! Everyday is better than the last…he is able to do his homework (online summer classes to keep his mind engaged), he does his chores without me asking, and i don’t repeat myself 5-15x. I think the best part is his confidence and personality have made a comeback.

As for your son getting in trouble and picking on his peers, that will pass. He is still so young and I feel that it’s normal for boys to have more energy. 🙂 Check with his school/teachers to see if they have accommodations for students with ADHD. Meeting your son halfway in a creative learning atmosphere will help keep all their students engaged, not just kiddos that suffer with ADHD.

I hope my experience helps you! Let me know if you have any questions… I am happy to help if I can.