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As a teacher with ADHD, I can tell you that the letter in the original post is exactly the situation described in my school district. Our school year is finished, but as more of these spinners infiltrated my room, I had no choice but to ban them like I did water bottle flipping and dabbing. It’s hard enough for a neurotypical teacher to teach a class filled with many distractions as it is (i.e. pencil tapping, drumming on desks, tapping feet), but when you have ADHD and you’re trying to teach and 20 out of 25 kids have fidget spinners, it’s dang near impossible. During the last month of school, I spent valuable instructional time telling kids to please put up the spinners before having to re-focus myself on my lesson. I was having to tell the students (same offenders) every single day to put them up until finally, I had to flat out ban them from class.

What infuriates me even more about these fidget spinners is that kids who do NOT have ADHD try to claim that they have the condition so that they can continue to play with them in class (which doesn’t work in MY class). So fellow teachers on these forums, be on the lookout for students trying to fib and say, “Well I have ADHD, and this helps me focus.” Further issues caused by the fidget spinners have been selling them during all school hours (even attempts to sell in class) and stealing them from one another. We actually had students get into physical altercations over these spinners. So yes, the school district does have the right to ban items that detract from the learning environment because they are causing major disruptions in both the classroom and in relationships between the students themselves.