Reply To: ADHD + Masking Anxiety



I totally agree that a second opinion is in order and that your first evaluator seems to be misinformed. Sigh. It seems to me that you strongly identify with a profile of ADHD and describe a lot of prevalent symptoms accurately. So, yeah, try to find another diagnostician and see what they say.

Regarding ADHD with anxiety, I can personally relate. Social situations and speaking in public in particular make me anxious. One other topic you might want to read about is Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria, which basically means being extremely sensitive and anxious about rejection. My understanding is that being very sensitive to rejection is a very common aspect of ADHD, and that people with ADHD are apt to experience rejection very strongly. That means we might become anxious when rejection is simply a possibility, and want to avoid that kind of situation, as with meeting a new person or being in a group. Some people have extreme RSD, which can be debilitating. Sometimes people try to overcome their rejection sensitivity by being perfect and above reproach. Boy, that sounds like a good time!

Good luck getting the information and answers you need and don’t stop until you are satisfied you know what you are dealing with!