Reply To: Making Friends


I totally get it too. My 9 yo son has ADHD and is fairly hyper with major impulse control issues. Kids tend to like him at first because he’s good at sports and he’s smart and funny but he tends to glom onto one best friend and will wear that kid out. He also gets in trouble a lot at school and some of the kids don’t like associating with him for that. Right now his “best friend” is a pretty popular kid who’s great at sports, very nice, smart and they’re having a sleepover tonight and I’m terrified that my son will do something to totally ruin their friendship and then he will be iced out of their group. Being a mom to kids with ADHD is like repeating the worst parts of middle and high school over again…in fact, for me it has been worse. We try to make home a sanctuary too but we’re in a very close knit community and I always see all these kids playing together outside my window…and they rarely invite my son to play along. I wish I had some advice for others too. Maybe just the fact that we’re not alone helps. I try role playing and setting up playdates but it’s getting to the point that kids in his class are making their own plans and not relying so much on parents so that’s hard for him because I think he gets left out.