Reply To: ADHD + Masking Anxiety

Penny Williams

I have significant social anxiety, as does my teen daughter. She tries really hard to avoid mistakes, as you described, so much so that it becomes paralyzing. We have found medication helpful for general anxiety, but it really doesn’t help social anxiety. What has been shown to help social anxiety is CBT (which also helps ADHD).

How Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Works

As for the ADHD, the clinician who evaluated you desperately needs an update on ADHD. You can absolutely have ADHD without any hyperactivity. It’s called ADHD, Inattentive Type in the Diagnostic Manual (DSM-V).

ADHD vs ADD: The Three Types of Attention Deficit Disorder

It sounds like you should absolutely pursue a 2nd opinion. Try to find someone knowledgable about all 3 types of ADHD.

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