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What an interesting conversation! Here’s how I see it, I completely get why they are being banned. With 3 kids in the backseat of the car all twirling their spinners, the hum was distracting and a little overwhelming. And I can completely see how attempting to teach a class with 30 spinners going would be difficult. That being said, if your child truly finds his/her spinner helpful, then call a meeting and seek to add it as an accommodation on their 504 or IEP.

I don’t feel having accommodations makes a child feel less then. My son has an accommodation that allows him to journal during lectures. Does this single him out? To a point, since he’s the only one in class with a journal open during that time. But at the end of the lecture, he could pretty much recite what was said even though he was writing all the random thoughts that went through his mind at the same time. Is it an accommodation that he will be able to use in his adulthood? ABSOLUTELY! How many people doodle during a business meeting? I know I do.

PS – my opinion on fidget spinners might be bias. I woke up this morning to my son sitting in his bedroom doorway staring at his spinner spinning on his fingers. He was supposed to be getting breakfast. LOL. He didn’t make it 10 steps out of his bed.