Reply To: Am I being an A$$?


I am in a similar situation. My husband has not been diagnosed with ADHD but I have thought for many years that he has had it. Knowing some of his family history I believe it was something that started in childhood and has become heightened by life with 5 kids and a business, especially in the absence of good coping skills. He is currently being treated for anxiety and has refused counseling. He has in fact crossed the line of hobby and addiction. There is a social aspect to the game he plays and I completely understand that it can be a stress relief. We do live a very high speed and stressful lifestyle, owning a seasonal business. However, when he takes my kids devices so he can have another account to play this game and has created more credit card debt than I care to mention, it seems to be a problem. I also feel like I am his mother. I have had to change his account to make him an 11 year old kid so he has to ask me every time he wants to purchase something. I have expressed to him that I do not want to be his mother, I want a partner. Someone who can take responsibility for himself and he seems to want the same thing. I feel he lacks the self control to be in that situation. We recently had a situation where he wanted to download an app that was free and he could not because I didn’t have my device with me to approve the download. He said this is frustrating and my reply was yes and it is frustrating when I look at my credit card bill that I almost had paid off and it is not that way anymore. I have an 8 year that is in counseling and has not been diagnosed yet and that is another source of contention. We disagree on how to parent and impulsive, high strung, over-reactive child. I am at a loss for how to assist you, but sometimes even just knowing there is someone else going through the same thing is helpful. All of the responses are interesting. I wish it was as easy as just having a conversation sometimes.